"Offering you only the best materials for decks and all your outddor needs is priority #1"  

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar a great choice when looking to build decks and outdoor projects. Builders have been using Cedar for hundreds of years because its lightweight, durability, and ease on the wallet. Another great quality of Cedar is its naturally insect resistant. This beautiful, durable wood compliments any style and doesn’t require a ton of maintenance.

Genuine California Redwood

Often imitated, never duplicated! No other wood can match the natural beauty of real redwood. With its incredible durability, natural resistance to insects and fungal decay, you can count on redwood to last 20+ years. Responsibly harvested right here in USA, California Redwood has been a favorite for deck owners everywhere. 

Treated Pine

Treated Pine Decking is a great alternative for a budget friendly deck. Pine as a species does not have natural preservatives to protect it in outdoor applications. It is a porous wood that is ideal for chemical treatments that fight rot, decay, and insects. Readily available stain products can transform treated pine decking into a fine looking product.

IPE (EE-Pay) a.k.a. Ironwood

Ipe decking is a decking material that brings the beauty of interior hardwoods outdoors. It is an extremely dense, tight-grained wood. Each board displays a deep rich brown with some pieces accented with red and amber hues. This wood is three times harder than Teak making it a very good choice when installing a deck. Its Class A fire rated, ultra low maintenance deck material with a proven lifespan of 75+ years.


Cumaru Decking, also known as Brazilian Teak is the second hardest decking we sell; just behind IPE. It displays golden tan to reddish brown colors with dark grain accents. Cumaru decking offers extremely low maintenance making it ideal for decks and porches. This exotic hardwood naturally resists rot, decay, and insects boasting a 50+ year lifespan.


Tigerwood is one of the finest quality hardwoods available. It features a unique light brown to reddish-brown coloring with black and brown streaks. It definitely pops! Tigerwood naturally resists rot and decay. This low maintenance hardwood offers a 30+ year lifespan without preservatives making it an excellent choice for decking.


Massaranduba Decking is known for its beautiful rich red velvet look. This exotic hardwood is compared to California Redwood on steroids. Pronounced Ma-Sa-Ran-Doo-Bah, this hardwood offers exceptional resistance to rot, decay, and insects boasting a 30+ year lifespan.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is as maintenance as decking gets. Made of a mix of waste wood, cellulose fiber, and plastic composites are environmentally friendly. Requiring only the occasional rinse off makes it a great product for families on the go. We feature TREX, Latitudes, Guard Deck, Choice Deck, Evergrain and many other name brands.