Custom Deck Builder Deposits

Custom Deck Builder Deposits

As a home owner I have hired trade professionals to build or repair things I felt were over my head. Its always a touchy subject when someone asks me for a deposit. I dont blame them for asking, but I have never felt 100% comfortable giving a new contractor a deposit. When it comes to Custom Deck Builder Deposits I think I have figured it out. 


Simply NO!

Some Custom Deck Builders are asking for a 50% Deposit up front, not to mention they want you to pay them two more draws before completion. This tells me a couple of things.

  • This Deck Builder is Broke

  • This Deck Builder can't pay his payrol

  • This Deck Builder will rob Peter to pay Paul

If you cant afford to front the materials to get the job started then you have no business in the construction world. When he can't afford to pay his contractors they stop coming out to your house causing your build to stall. In an attempt to pay his contractors this builder will take on more work and get more deposits to help pay to finish your build. It's a vicious cycle, that I have seen first hand. 

I know what your thinking. I also know I have offended some builders reading this post, but hold on….. There is a happy medium. 

As a Custom Deck Builder I do not require a deposit. Most of the Decks I build cost less than a couple of thousand to frame out. I explain to the client that after the frame inspection is complete a deposit is due. Often times I will ask for %40-%50, and never have a problem getting it. That deposit is enough to cover materials to that point, pay my help, and keep everything running smootly. This does two things. One, it sets my clients mind at ease about the quality and confidece of my work. Two, it sets my mind at ease because it didn't break the bank to get the job.

Are there certain jobs that should require a deposit? That my friend will have to wait for another post.Until next time go outside and live a little.  




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