Deck Permits Made Simple

Do I Need A Permit for Building a Deck?


deck permit san antonio

Each city or jurisdiction has diffrent rules and regulations that they adhear to, so always check with that particular jusrisdiction before building any structure at your residence. People shy away from simple projects because dealing with permits and codes seems overwhealming. The codes and guidelines a jurisdiction operates under are intended to protect the residents of  that dwelling. They insure that everything is built to current industry standards. 

Our team can assist homeowners in obtaining a deck permit in San Antonio. It is a simple process that can be obtained by the homeowner or the contractor. The contractor must be registered with the city and hold the necessary Licencing and Insurance in order to pulll the permit.  

To quote the city of San Antonio, "If your property is within the City of San Antonio and you are erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, improving, removing, converting, moving, demolishing any building or structure or a portion within the structure, you are required to obtain City of San Antonio permits."

They go on to add….

"Specific examples of when permits are required are:  room additions, walls, carports, decks, patios, in-ground & above-ground swimming pools, fences, re-roofs, foundation repairs, and general repairs to include siding, doors, and windows".

Always remember that each jurisdiction is diffrent and operates under seperate guidelines and codes. 

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