When should I stain my new deck?

When Should I Stain My New Deck        


         When should I stain my new deck?



As a contractor I am asked this question all the time. New wood contains moisture. This moisture always varies, but rest assured its always there. I know your excited and can’t wait to see the end result, but trust me its worth the wait.

I always tell my clients to wait at least 60 days before adding any kind of sealer or stain. This will allow for the wood to acclimate to your climate, sweating out all the debris and moisture allowing the stain to penetrate the wood undiluted. This will give you a far better end result.

A great test to see if your deck is ready for stain is to give it the good old water splash test. Take a couple of ounces of water and pour it directly on the surface of the deck. If the water quickly absorbs your ready, if it sits on the surface like a freshly waxed car wait. Repeat this process every couple of weeks and before you know it you’ll be ready for stain.

Always consider the stain manufacturers recommendations when applying. A wise homeowner will always have his or her deck stained to protect their investment, and staining is the ultimate protection for a deck. How often should you repeat staining? That will have to wait for another post….

Until next time, go enjoy the outdoors and remember, life is always better served outside.   



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