The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio

Who is The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio


Premier Deck and Patios, LP is The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio for many reasons. When shopping for a deck in San Antonio it is important to ask yourself these questions.

The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio


1.     Are they Insured?

2.     Can they provide references?

3.     Do they stand behind their work?


These three questions could save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of heartache. Do yourself a favor and ask these questions before shelling out a deposit to some high-pressure salesman.


1. Are they Insured?


Would you hire your lawn man to replace your HVAC system? Would hire your home builder to fix your car? The answer should be NO. Maybe not as drastic, but when hiring a deck contractor make sure to hire some one that specializes in that field. If someone gets hurt during the build and that company is not insured, you will more than likely be held liable. During your first conversation with a deck contractor you should ask if he or she holds the necessary insurance to conduct business in your area. More times that person will tell you “oh yea we are covered”. Thats great; tell them to forward you their policy or cover sheet. It’s funny, because most of them will not ever call again. Premier Deck & Patios will always supply our clients with a copy of insurance.  This is only one of the reasons Premier Deck & Patios, LP is The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio.


2. Can they provide references?


I like to place companies I am thinking of doing business with on the spot. This may sound crazy, but if you can’t give me three references on the spot I don’t want to work with you. Have your salesman come out for your initial consultation. After going over the designs ask him or her for three references.  If they cant produce those references why would you hire them. At Premier Deck & Patios LP, we get excited when people ask us for references.  Our clients sell our jobs for us, and will more than likely invite you out to see first hand what makes us The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio.


3. Do they stand behind their work?


Do they offer a warranty? Not a verbal agreement to come out and fix something, a written warranty. Premier Deck & Patios, LP offers the only written warranty in its field. Would you buy a new car with out a warranty? I’m guessing not. We give our clients peace of mind that our product will last. This is just one more reason that makes Premier Deck & Patios, LP The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio.


When talking with a deck contractor remember to ask them these important questions. It will literally be the difference between a hiring a fly by night company or The Best Deck Builder in San Antonio. Until next time, this is the Patio Man reminding you that life is always better served outdoors. 

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